I didnt get an email after registration

Important information on the registration process, plus:
- What to do if your membership number is not found...
- What to do if it complains about your email address...
- What if registration was ok but you cant log on...
- What to do if you've forgotten your password...
- It says my account is not active or I havnt received the registration email...
- 'Forgot Password' didnt work...
- It says my number/username is already in use...
- I didnt get an email after registration...
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I didnt get an email after registration

Post by phil.harris » Wed 14 Feb 2018, 13:40

There are three things that can happen:
1. The email is slow to arrive - we know it can take 10 minutes.
Please wait a bit longer than that, then click the 'Resend Activation Email' link on the 'Logon' page.

2. The email went into your 'spam' folder.
Please have a look, as another one could disappear there too !

3. The email address you entered has a typo.
Please use the 'Contact Us' link, and someone will get back to you.
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