I missed the Welcome email

'Forgot Password' didnt work...
Registration was ok but you cant log in...
It says my email address is already in use...
It says my username is inactive...
I missed the Welcome email...

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I missed the Welcome email

Post by phil.harris » Wed 14 Feb 2018, 13:40

There are three things that can happen:
1. The email is slow to arrive - we know it can take 10 minutes.
Please wait a bit longer than that, then click the 'Resend Activation Email' link on the 'Logon' page.

2. The email went into your 'spam' folder.
Please have a look, as another one could disappear there too !

3. The email address you entered has a typo.
Please use the 'Contact Us' link, and someone will get back to you.
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