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Post by phil.harris » Sat 17 Mar 2018, 21:46

Firstly, it is useful to point out to you that the starting page is called the 'Board index' and can be accessed from the menubar above at all times.

1. On the forum you are identified by a 'username', and HQ want members to use their real names on this forum, not nicknames. Enter your ‘username’ so that it begins with your preferred first-name and it MUST end with your last-name as on your vmcc membership card. eg FredBloggs, fred bloggs, fred.bloggs, freddy.bloggs, rick_bloggs (Note that it must be at least 6 characters long)

2. You also need to enter the following information:
a. Your email address. (Please ignore the black message at the top - it is not an error message, just a reminder)
b. A password, which should include upper and lower case letters and a number.
c. Your VMCC membership number.
d. Your name (with spaces) as on your VMCC membership card.
e. Whether you are a Family Member (ie you have a card with a -1 or similar on the end)
f. Complete the anti-spam field. (This may vary)

3. When you've entered everything click the [Submit] button at the bottom of the form.
The software then checks your registration details to enforce the username rule etc. Any errors will then be shown in red.

4. If all is ok you will be shown a confirmation message and you will be sent a 'Welcome' email. (Note that this can take 10 minutes)

5. You must click the link in the 'Welcome' email to verify your email address and activate your account - only then will you be able to use the [Login] button.
(If you're being asked for your Email address then you've wrongly clicked [Register] again.)

If you didnt receive the validation email or have deleted it, then you can request it again via the 'Resend Activation email' link on the 'login' page.
(Note that Family Members have to be manually activated by one of the Team so there will be a delay before you get your 'activated' email.)

When you are ready, click the [Register] button in the title bar at the top right of this page to start your registration.

If you experience a problem or error - please go back to the forum's 'first page' (the 'Board index') and check in the 'Help' posts (please).
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